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Psychotherapy and SHIFT software

Psychotherapy is a dynamic process that may relate to the personal development of an individual, to the management of a life crisis, as well as to the attempt to solve problems in workplace, in sexual life, in interpersonal relationships.

Either during individual psychotherapy, or group analysis, family psychotherapy and couples therapy, whatever the patient communicates constitutes a primary tool for the therapist with which he will help him evolve. In all kinds of treatment, regardless of the extent of the focus on the “here and now” of the sessions, the evolution of the attitude of the patient towards the stimuli of interpersonal transaction, his relationship with set limitations, his consistency, the defense mechanisms he activates and how these mutate over time, constitute critical therapeutic tools.

In cases of groups, families or couples who come for treatment, the flow of information is even more complex due to the number of participants or the possible co-therapy. Group phenomena come to the fore, the transactions may have multiple potential recipients, and even the chosen seat may be of importance.

SHIFT software constitutes a unique tool in the hands of the modern therapist for managing information traded during sessions and for determining the most appropriate therapeutic interventions.


SHIFT and Computer Control Systems S.A. welcomes Edumetrisis as a new channel partner and main distributor in the U.S.A. and Canada sales network.

Edumetrisis is a publisher of web-based behavioral assessment tools.

The authors of the company bring many years of experience and offer through their innovative ideas solutions to practical problems of the field. Each one separately and collectively is considered an assessment expert in their respective fields.

The fields of interest are education, psychology, mental health.

Technology is changing the world of educational and psychological assessment.

The authors of Edumetrisis of have been in the forefront of these innovations.

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Computer Control Systems was established in 1987 in Athens, Greece.

Our main business is innovative software products and services in two core sectors: Engineering and Medical.

The extensive expertise of the sectors in which we operate, combined with highly skilled scientific and technical personnel and consistent after-sales support, ensure customer satisfaction and long-term collaboration.

SHIFT software, designed and developed by Computer Control Systems, constitutes a unique tool in the hands of the modern mental health professional for managing information traded during sessions and for determining the most appropriate therapeutic interventions.

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Session Handling Instrument For Therapists

SHIFT software promises to do exactly what its name implies: To provide to the modern therapist the impetus to utilize the information handled in the course of the sessions, thus leading to the most appropriate therapeutic interventions.

Patient Information

Full description of each patient’s demographic characteristics, references, hobbies, possible parallel or prior treatments, diagnoses and medication received. All specific elements are selected from dynamic lists that the user can manage directly.

Private Session

The private sessions of each patient can be described to the desired fullness of the user. The available data for registration are the type and the specific characteristics of the session, arrival delays or absence of the patient, the defenses that he activates and any issues that may arise during the session.

Groups / Families / Couples

Registration of the session participants, their consistency, the specific characteristics of the session, interaction between members, individual and group issues. The meeting space can be graphically depicted and altered by the user. The seating arrangement of each meeting is graphically depicted and the quality of the transactions of the participants is indicated by color coding.

Statistics and Reports

Both for private and group sessions, statistics are provided for the delay, absence, the defenses raised, the interpersonal transactions and the issues that arise in sessions. A single or a sequence of sessions is available in summary or detailed reports.

Data Security

All data stored in the system are located in a single database that can be transferred from the computer for safety or be encrypted to prevent access by unauthorized individuals.

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The SHIFT software is available in 3 commercial versions, Private (concerns private sessions only), Group (suitable for sessions of pairs, families and groups) and Full (included sessions of all types). Also, you can get free the Full version of SHIFT for 30 days evaluation (Trial).