New channel partner for the market of U.S.A. and Canada

SHIFT and Computer Control Systems S.A. welcomes Edumetrisis as a new channel partner and main distributor in the U.S.A. and Canada sales network.

Edumetrisis is a publisher of web-based behavioral assessment tools.

The authors of the company bring many years of experience and offer through their innovative ideas solutions to practical problems of the field. Each one separately and collectively is considered an assessment expert in their respective fields.

The fields of interest are education, psychology, mental health.

Technology is changing the world of educational and psychological assessment.

The authors of Edumetrisis of have been in the forefront of these innovations.

Edumetrisis website

Computer Control Systems was established in 1987 in Athens, Greece.

Our main business is innovative software products and services in two core sectors: Engineering and Medical.

The extensive expertise of the sectors in which we operate, combined with highly skilled scientific and technical personnel and consistent after-sales support, ensure customer satisfaction and long-term collaboration.

SHIFT software, designed and developed by Computer Control Systems, constitutes a unique tool in the hands of the modern mental health professional for managing information traded during sessions and for determining the most appropriate therapeutic interventions.

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